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Flower Garden Pillow

Grandma’s Thread Box
Designed by Nanci Bowen under Fiddlesticks’ own label, Fiddle-Dee-Dee Designs. In this pattern we’ve combined vintage fabrics with new contemporary fabrics for a very fun contrast. We introduce a new, very fast and efficient way to piece the spool blocks with a little bit of machine appliqué. The finished size of the quilt is 67” x 67”. Price is $7.99.

Brother Sly
An original pattern by Tanya Greb of “My Mother’s Favorite Child”, this clever fox is sure to capture your heart. He is 15” tall (seated). The pattern includes the beads for eyes and whiskers. Price is $9.49.

Brother Jack
In keeping with all of the fables of foxes and rabbits, here is the perfect companion to Brother Sly. Jack is 14” tall (seated) and carries his own knapsack. The pattern includes the beads for eyes, whiskers and chenille stem for stiffening the ears. Designed by Tanya Greb of “My Mother’s Favorite Child”. Price is $9.49.

Nick, a north woods santa, stands 16” tall. He carries his staff and sack and is wonderfully dressed in wool felt and cottons. Designed by Tanya Greb of “My Mother’s Favorite Child,” the price of the pattern is $8.00.

It’s a Grand Old Flag
This timeless favorite is quilted as it is pieced with ragged edges and fun buttons for embellishment. The wallhanging is 20” x 36” with instructions also given for a lap size quilt and a pillow. Designed by Sally Nelson of “Oh My Stars”. Price is $7.49.

Penny Rose Table Runner
An original design by Fiddlesticks for Fiddle-Dee-Dee, this 32” x 17” wool and wool felt tablerunner will warm up any home. Price is $7.49.

Hannah Leah
Hannah Leah is a Victorian doll, approximately 16” seated. Her body is painted muslin with a finished look and patina that fools even the most original doll collectors. Designed by Tanya Greb of “My Mother’s Favorite Child”. Price is $8.99.

Emma is a Columbian style doll designed by Tanya Greb of “My Mother’s Favorite Child”. She is 15” tall, seated, with a painted body and darling clothes. Price is $8.99.

Toy Box Treasure Quilt
Designed by Nanci Bowen
Fiddle-Dee-Dee Designs
Finished size - 67" x 67"

Crazy Old Roses
This pattern is designed by Nanci Bowen using a very simple strip piecing method. The border makes it really fun with your own pieced roses and a scalloped edge. Finished size is 71" x 71". Price is $7.99.

Life Is Like A Box Of Chocolates
This is the newest design from Fiddle-Dee-Dee. This quilt is easy to assemble and shows off the "boxes" of chocolates with large, white rick-rack. We added a little pink and brown velvet to our boxes just for fun. Finished size is 71" x 90". Price is $8.49.

Baggedy Ann
This is the latest pattern from My Mother's Favorite Child. This sweet raggedy ann wears a full skirt that discreetly holds your plastic trash bags.
Price is $7.99.

 Mary's Flower Garden Pillow

By Mary Pat Henderson

© 1997-2003 by Quiltsmart LLC.  All rights reserved These instructions are presented with the permission of Quiltsmart LLC

This small project is designed for quilters who wish to try out the technique before committing to a larger quilt project.  Approximate finished size 12” x 12.”





1 panel

Quiltsmart’s Mary’s Flower Garden printed interfacing

See step 1

12” x 12” square

Backing the block (buried in pillow)

(1) 12” square

11” x 11” square

Outer petal fabric

See step 2

7” x 7” square

Inner petal fabric

See step 2

3” x 3” square

Flower center fabric

See step 2

3/8 yd

Background of flower and back of pillow

(1) 12” square
(2) 15” x 12” (see step 15)

¼ yd

Binding fabric

(2) 3” x 44” strips

12” x 12” square


(1) 12” square


Pillow form - 12” square


Fabric Selection

For best results we recommend using solid fabrics and small random (non-directional) prints.  Why?  The magic in the method comes from the illusion that you have worked with many small pieces.  Large prints or directional fabrics such as stripes and checks will interfere with that illusion.  Many vintage flower garden quilts have a yellow center, a solid ring of inner petals, a small print outer ring of petals, and a green background “path” among the flowers.

1.      Cut a panel of Quiltsmart’s Mary’s Flower Garden printed interfacing apart as shown.  For each pillow, you will use only three pieces - one center, one ring of inner petals, and one ring of outer petals.  Save the remaining pieces for your next project.

2.      Place each interfacing piece on the appropriate piece of fabric.

The fabric and the printed interfacing should both face right side up.  (The dots of adhesive are on the ‘wrong’ side of the interfacing.)  Do not iron the pieces in place!


3.      Stitch on all solid lines.  Pin first to keep the interfacing from shifting about as you sew.  Use a stitch length of about 15 stitches per inch.


4.      Cut on the dashed lines (about 1/8” outside of stitching) through both the interfacing and the fabric.

Next, slit the interfacing (not the fabric) along the dotted slitting lines.


5.      Turn the pieces so the right side of the fabric faces out.  Use a pointing tool such as a screwdriver, pointer/creaser, or orange manicure stick to push out the points.  Finger press the seams flat. 

Do not use a hot iron on these pieces until step 7.


6.      Mark the center lines of the background material by folding it in quarters.  Press as shown.


7.      Unfold the square and place an outer ring of petals on it, both right sides up.  Use the crease to center the ring.

Fuse in place with a hot steam iron.  Press and hold to the count of ten.  Let the piece cool before moving.


8.      Place and fuse an inner ring of petals on the outer ring as shown.

Hint: To reposition a piece, reheat with the iron and quickly peel the piece up.  Re-iron in the new position.


9.      Place and fuse a flower center on each block as shown.


10.  Appliqué stitch the flower to the background fabric.  Use a narrow zig-zag stitch — 8 to 10 stitches per inch and 1/8" wide — to appliqué the layers of the flower into place.  Begin with the outer ring of petals and work inward.  Stitch around the perimeter of all three pieces.  When completed, the reverse side will appear as shown.

Hint:  If the print patterns on lower layers are visible through materials on upper layers, you may wish to remove excess layers from your blocks.  The best time to do this:  after zigzag stitching around the outer and inner rings, but before stitching around the center.  Working from the wrong side, pull to separate the inner petals from the outer petals.  Cut away fabric layers behind inner petals, leaving a ¼” seam allowance as shown



11.  Layer the block, batting, and backing.  Quilting stitches complete the illusion of a flower made using many small pieces.  You may either hand quilt or machine quilt.

12.  Cut the piece of pillow backing  into two pieces measuring 21” x _____ (the size of your quilted block.)  For example, if your block measures 11-3/4” square, cut two 15” x 11-3/4” pieces.


13.  Fold the  two pieces of pillow backing in half so they measure 7-½” from fold to raw edges.  Place these on the back of the quilted block matching raw edges and overlapping the two folds.  Pin.


14.  Baste around the block, ¼” from the raw edges.

Note:  The overlapping folds form the opening for inserting the pillow form.  Do not stitch the opening shut.


15.  Bind and insert pillow form.

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